cristiano ronaldo vs marcus rashford 2023cristiano ronaldo vs marcus rashford 2023

The worst season for Cristiano Ronaldo vs the best season for Marcus Rashford in EPL 2022 brings for an interesting comparison. 

Marcus Rashford has been in incredible form in the last few months and fans have started comparing him to Ronaldo with statements like “Rashford is turning into prime Ronaldo.” and “Who needs Ronaldo when you have Marcus Rashford“.

But!!! Is Marcus Rashford really better than Cristiano Ronaldo? Well, the ideal way to compare the two players would be if they have played in a similar club and league. In this case, such a comparison is possible since Ronaldo played close to 30 matches for Manchester United in the EPL last season. 

Comparing the current season of Marcus Rashford to Cristiano Ronaldo’s previous season at Manchester United is an interesting exercise, as both players have been among the best in their respective teams and have been in scintillating form in their respective seasons.`

There have also been a lot of claims that Ronaldo did not help the team defensively, was only scoring goals upfront, and was helping the team in creating chances. We will hopefully give you some statistics and thoughts that would help you decide what is true and what are some of the myths.

Although this season is still far from over, we are comparing a significant number of games played this season by Rashford. So, in this article, we will look at Cristiano Ronaldo vs Marcus Rashford stats and performances to see how they stack up against each other.

Marcus Rashford’s Current EPL Season (2022/23): 

Marcus Rashford is having an incredible season for Manchester United having scored 14 goals in just 25 EPL appearances so far this season. He is currently the 4th in the scoring charts in the English top flight, and has been in amazing form across all competitions.

Rashford’s goalscoring exploits have helped Manchester United to the top 4 of the EPL table, with the club currently holding a four-point lead over fourth-placed Tottenham Hotspurs. He has also been a key player for the club in the EFL Cup, scoring five goals in six appearances as Manchester United won their first trophy this season.

In addition to his goals, Rashford has also contributed three assists and four big chances created in the EPL this season; thus demonstrating his ability to create chances for his teammates as well.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Previous EPL Season (2021/22):

Cristiano Ronaldo after returning to Old Trafford had a decent season for Manchester United in the 2021/22 campaign. The Portuguese forward scored 18 goals and provided a further 3 assists in 30 EPL appearances, helping Manchester United to finish sixth in the league behind rivals Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham Hotspurs.

Although CR7’s goals and assists were key to Manchester United’s wins in the league, as he had a direct hand in 21 out of the 57 team goals in the competition. He was also instrumental in Manchester United’s run in the Champions League, scoring six goals in seven appearances.

Comparing Cristiano Ronaldo vs Marcus Rashford:

When we compare the two players, it’s clear that both Rashford and CR7 have been in exceptional form in their respective seasons. However, Rashford’s goalscoring record this season seems to be more impressive than CR7’s from the previous season.

In terms of assists, CR7 and Rashford have 3 assists to their names, however, Rashford is yet to play another 13 games this season. It’s important to note that this season Manchester United are better placed in the table as compared to last season even though it seems as if Rashford is the only player scoring for United this season


Cristiano 2021/22 Rashford 2022/23
Appearances 30 25
Goals 18 14
Assists 3 3
Yellow cards 8 2
Red cards 0 0

At an overall level, both players look evenly matched. However given that Rashford has played fewer games, his goals are also lower than CR7. Though given his current form, scoring another 4 goals doesn’t seem difficult since he has 13 more games to play in the EPL this season.


Cristiano 2021/22 Rashford 2022/23
Goals 18 14
Goals per match 0.6 0.56
Minutes per goal 137 146
Shots 110 68
Shots on target 43 32
Shooting accuracy % 53.75 62.75
Penalties scored 3 0
Penalties won 2 0
Freekicks scored 1 0
Goals with right foot 14 10
Goals with left foot 2 1
Headed goals 2 3
Hit woodwork 2 1
Big chances scored 12 10
Big chances missed 13 12

When we look at the attacking numbers, we can see that CR7 was more lethal in front of the goal with lower minutes per goal and a much higher number of shots taken. He has also won and converted penalties for the team. However, Rashford has a higher Shooting accuracy.


Cristiano 2021/22 Rashford 2022/23
Assists 3 3
Big Chances Created 7 4
Passes 879 530
Pass Completion % 81.91 77.36
Passes forward 140 111
Passes backward 290 172
Touches 1237 910
Through balls 2 2
Crosses 15 18
Dispossessed 30 29

In terms of Teamplay, while both players have 3 assists to their names, CR7 had more involvement in the game as compared to Rashford. CR7 has more passes, higher pass completion, and more touches as well as compared to Rashford.

This shows the team overall is performing better this year and Rashford is able to convert the chances that are created for him. The addition of players like Eriksen and Casemiro in the midfield is definitely a big reason for this change in the team dynamics.


Cristiano 2021/22 Rashford 2022/23
Clean sheets 6 4
Goals Conceded 41 31
Blocks 0 3
Interceptions 2 5
Tackles 8 19
Successful Tackles 6 9
Clearances 29 5
Headed clearances 27 3
Aerial battles won 42 17

In terms of Defending, while Rashford seems to be better at back-tracking and falling back during transitions, CR7 has better stats for set pieces and corners. Both players have contributed to their respective teams defensively. However, given the numbers, it’s obvious that CR7 was a beast in the air and has helped his team defend well in their own half/box against crosses and free-kicks across the season.


In conclusion, Marcus Rashford’s current season for Manchester United has been nothing short of outstanding. He has been scoring goals at a remarkable rate and has been a key player for his team across competitions. Additionally, the team is playing extremely well overall, and the presence of Eriksen and Casemiro in the midfield along with Martinez joining Varane in the defence has boosted the team’s overall performance.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s previous season for Manchester United was also impressive, as he scored 18 goals in 30 appearances. At the age of 37 in his first season back in EPL with a Manchester United team that needed reinforcements in both midfield and defence. Moreover, this was a season where the team saw their previous manager being sacked and a new interim manager being appointed.

While it’s difficult to say definitively which player has had the better season, it’s clear that both Rashford and CR7 are not yet in the same bracket of comparison. Although Rashford’s current season has been termed as his best and he is being compared to Mbappe / Haaland, CR7s previous season has been one of his worst seasons and yet the numbers seem comparable.

Rashford has been performing well and still has 13 more games this season in the EPL. The world is yet to see him match the stats of Mbappe/Haaland and United fans around the world will be eagerly anticipating his next games for displays of brilliance.

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