highest paid football players 11 in 2023highest paid football players 11 in 2023

Cristiano Ronaldo, the most expensive player in the world as we take a look at highest  paid football players 11 for 2023. 

Talk about the game of football, and one can never shy away from the fact that Football players earn some of the highest wages in any sport. The game is followed across more than 200 countries, and almost every big country has their own League.

Be it the most famous Premier League of England, League 1 of France, Serie A of Italy, Bundesliga of Germany, ISL of India, or Campeonato Brasileiro Série A or Brazil, the leagues attract some of the best footballers in the world that pay handsome wages. But how about the most expensive players in the world?

Well, this is exactly what we would find out in this article as we deep-dive into finding the highest-paid football players 11 for 2023. To give the context of this article, we would select expensive players across four categories, viz., GoalKeeper, Defenders, Mid-fielders, and Forwards. So, let’s get to it. 

Highest paid Football Players 11 for 2023 :


David DeGea: Manchester United FC –  £ 375K/week

The highest-paid Goalkeeper in the world, David DeGea signed a 6-year contract with Manchester United in 2019 which meant he would earn £375,000 per week till the summer of 2025. However, the world’s highest-paid Goalkeeper has reportedly agreed to a salary cut next season due to the new “Ronaldo Rule” at Manchester United which would cap the salaries at £200,000 per week. When applicable, Jan Oblak from Athletico Madrid FC would become the highest-paid goalkeeper in the world.


Jordi Alba: FC Barcelona – £ 338K/week

Jordi Alba signed a new 5-year contract in March 2019 at Barcelona which earns him £338,000 per week; thus making him the third highest-paid player in Barcelona. Alba signed for Barca from Valencia in 2012 and his contract keeps him at Barcelona till 2024. Barcelona has also added a buy-out clause of €500 million to his contract to avoid another situation like Neymar.  

David Alaba: Real Madrid CF – £ 376K/week

David Alaba joined Real Madrid in 2021 after 12 years at Bayern Munich and signed a 5-year contract which would earn him £376,000 per week. The 29-year-old defender would earn a total of £98 million in the 5-year duration of his contract. With Ramos and Pepe both leaving, Real Madrid have signed him to be their leader in defence and will hope the Austrian defender brings them more success.

Sergio Ramos: Paris-Saint-Germain FC – £ 465K/week

Sergio Ramos joined PSG in 2021 signing a 2-year contract that saw him earning a whopping £465,000 per week. He has had an injury-prone couple of years and PSG is unlikely to renew his contract in the 2023 summer window. Rumours suggest that Al-Nassr are looking to get Sergio Ramos to join Cristiano Ronaldo next summer.


Eden Hazard: Real Madrid CF – £ 506K/week

Eden Hazard signed a 5-year contract with Real Madrid in 2019 which would earn him £506,000 per week. After 7 amazing years at Chelsea FC in the English Premier League, he became the most expensive signing in Real Madrid’s history. While his duration at Real Madrid has been injury prone, he started the 2021-22 season well, but was then pushed back on the bench as Vinicius Junior was performing better. 

Sergio Busquets: FC Barcelona – £ 617K/week

Sergio Busquets has been with Barcelona his entire career, and he also agreed to defer salaries during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, in 2022, he signed an extension which would earn him approx £617,000 per week will the 2023 summer. Barcelona will be hoping he agrees to a lower salary in 2023. However, there are rumours that Al-Nassr FC are looking to sign him to play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia.

Frenkie De Jong: FC Barcelona – £ 625K/week

Frenkie De Jong has been through a lot of contract controversy at Barcelona, and was almost about to join Manchester United last summer. However, his wages at Barcelona are around £625,000 per week, and that’s probably why he agreed to continue at the club. His contract is till 2026, and given the contract structure and the salaries deferred during Covid, he is the highest-earning player in the Barcelona dressing room. 


Neymar: Paris-Saint-Germain FC – £ 957K/week

Neymar joined the French team in 2017 signing a 5-year deal which was supposed to end in 2022. However, PSG and Neymar signed an extension for 4 years which ties him to the club till 2025. He earns £957000 per week, and is the third highest in the PSG wage list after Mbappe and Messi. 

Lionel Messi: Paris-Saint-Germain FC – £ 1.08M/week

Messi shook the world in 2021 when he decided to leave Barcelona and join PSG as a free agent. He signed a 2-year contract with an option to extend another year which would see him earn £1,080,000 per week. The 2023 summer will be interesting as Messi would need to choose between staying at PSG or moving to another club. Rumours suggest that Al-Hisal SFC are looking to sign Messi which would see him earning upwards of £4 million per week.

Kylian Mbappe: Paris-Saint-Germain FC – £ 1.22M/week

Mbappe was the highest-earning football player in the world for 6 months since he renewed his contract at PSG in May 2022. With a weekly wage of £1,220,000, he will be earning a massive £546 million in wages plus bonuses over the 3 years. While his total contract value remains the highest ever in football history, his weekly wages have been overshadowed by the new Cristiano contract with Al-Nassr FC. 

Cristiano Ronaldo: Al-Nassr FC – £ 3.4M/week

Cristiano Ronaldo has been in the news all of December since his move to Saudi Arabian side Al-Nassr FC became a reality. The Saudi Arabian club have offered him a massive € 200 million for a 2.5-year stint at the club. With a wage of £3,403,846 per week, Cristiano is by far the highest-paid football player in the world at present. 

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