fifa world cup 2022 round of 16 qualification scenario footbalyticsfifa world cup 2022 round of 16 qualification scenario footbalytics

Argentina face a must win encounter as we look at the Round of 16 qualification scenario for all teams for FIFA World Cup 2022. 

We are just 9 days into the WC Fiesta, and we are no short of excitement, surprises, and shockers. We have seen our favorite teams and players perform to our expectations, but we have also witnessed big names choke on the World stage.

There are a few teams that have comfortably moved to the Round of 16, but few groups are still wide open. Any team can qualify for the next round, and the upcoming week would surely be very exciting for every football lover across the world.

Unfortunately, the Host for this year’s WC, Qatar are already out of the tournament. Whereas 5-time World Champions Brazil are already into the round of 16. So, as we wait for the last leg to begin, let’s look at the FIFA World Cup 2022 round of 16 qualification scenario for all the teams in each group.

Qualification Scenario for All Teams

Group A:

Upcoming Matches: Tuesday (29 November): Ecuador vs Senegal, Netherlands vs Qatar

3 out of the 4 teams are in the race of qualification keeping the group alive with Qatar already eliminated. Senegal are playing Equador on 29th November, and any team that loses shall stand eliminated. For win for Senegal would mean a sure-shot qualification. But a draw would mean they are left on Netherlands’ mercy. 

For Ecuador and Netherlands, a win will guarantee them a spot in the round of 16. But even a draw will do the trick, as they both have 4 points after their 2 games. The only way the Netherlands shall get eliminated is if Senegal draw against Ecuador, and Netherlands lose against Qatar by a margin of 3 goals. 

Group B:

Upcoming Matches: Wednesday (30 November): Iran vs United States, Wales vs England

Group B may have four teams still fighting for the top 2 spots, but one can consider England to have already qualified. With England having a goal difference of 4, the only way they will get eliminated is if they lose by a margin of 7 goals. Else, they are through.  

Meanwhile, Iran don’t want to risk their chances with a draw, so they’ll be needing a win over the USA to qualify. If they draw against the USA, they would definitely need Wales to draw or lose against England given the goal difference. Else, Iran shall stand eliminated.

USA on the other hand will go full throttle, as only a win can ensure their movement to the next round. If they win against Iran, they are through to the round of 16. They shall stand eliminated if they draw or lose against Iran. 

Group C:

Upcoming Matches: Thursday (31 November): Poland vs Argentina, Saudi Arabia vs Mexico

This group has been a treat for the fans. We have seen Saudi Arabia winning over Argentina, Poland drawing against Mexico, and Messi leading the way in the victory against Mexico in a must-win encounter. 

Poland will reach the next round with a win or draw against Argentina. A loss can also help them sail through, but only if Saudi Arabia loses to Mexico. Meanwhile, Argentina are back to business after their victory against Mexico. They would want to seal their place with a victory. If Argentina draw against Poland, they would have to hope Saudi Arabia vs Mexico game also ends in a draw. 

Saudi with a -1 goal difference would have to win the next match against Mexico to qualify. They can qualify with a draw as well, but only if Poland beats Argentina. But if Argentina beats Poland, it should at least be a 3-goal margin for them to qualify.

For Mexico to qualify, they have to win their last game anyhow, as they sit at the bottom of the table. If they win their match and Poland beats Argentina, then they are surely sailing to the next round. But if Argentina beats Poland, then it’ll come down to goal difference.

Group D:

Upcoming Matches: Wednesday (30 November): Australia vs Denmark, Tunisia vs France

The reigning champions, France have already qualified for the Round of 16, and would like to use their bench strength against Tunisia on 30th November. But for Tunisia to qualify, they have to win handsomely against France, and hope Denmark beat Australia with a goal difference lesser than theirs. 

Australia have to win against Denmark to move ahead. They can also qualify in case of a draw, but would pray that Tunisia don’t pull up an upset in their match against France. Meanwhile, Denmark have to definitely win their last match to qualify, and also hope if Tunisia beat France, their goal difference is lower than Denmark’s.

Group E:

Upcoming Matches: Friday (2 December): Costa Rica vs Germany, Japan vs Spain

This group is really complicated as far as the qualification scenario for FIFA World Cup 2022 is concerned as none of the teams are eliminated or qualified. If Spain win their next match against Japan, they are through to the round of 16. But if they lose, Spain would have to hope Germany beat Costa, and Germany’s goal difference is less than theirs. 

Japan have missed a golden chance to qualify without problems after losing in the last few minutes against Costa Rica. Now they have to win against Spain to move forward. If they play a draw, then the other match should also end in a draw for them to qualify, or else they are eliminated. 

Germany, who are looking for their first win have tough conditions of qualification. They definitely need to win against Costa Rica and hope Spain win their match against Japan. If Spain vs Japan ends up in a draw, Germany would hope for having a better Goal difference than that of Japan.

Meanwhile, Costa Rica will go through the round of 16 if they win their last match against Germany. If Costa Rica draw against Germany, they would have to hope Spain definitely beat Japan, or else they are eliminated.  

Group F:

Upcoming Matches: Thursday (1 December): Canada vs Morocco, Croatia vs Belgium

Group F has 3 teams fighting for the top 2 spots with Canada already being eliminated. Croatia will qualify with a win or even a draw against Belgium. If they lose, they would hope that Canada also beat Morocco, or else they are eliminated. 

Morocco are also in a similar situation as Croatia. They qualify with a win or a draw. If they lose, they’ll hope that Croatia beats Belgium. Meanwhile, Belgium have to win to qualify, because in the case of a draw, they’ll only qualify if Canada beat Morocco and Belgium have a better goal difference than that of Morocco.  

Group G:

Upcoming Matches: Saturday (3 December): Cameroon vs Brazil, Serbia vs Switzerland

Table toppers, Brazil have sailed to the round of 16 with their win over Switzerland, and are highly likely to top the group with goal Difference of +3. For Switzerland, a win over Serbia will guarantee them the top 2 spots. But if Switzerland draw, they would have to hope Cameroon doesn’t have a better GD than them if they win against Brazil. 

Cameroon and Serbia will play the group toppers Brazil and Switzerland respectively. Both definitely need to win their last match. But for Cameroon, a win may not be enough. If Cameroon win against Brazil, and Switzerland vs Serbia match ends up in a draw, they would have to their GD is better than that of Switzerland. 

Group H:

Upcoming Matches: Friday (2 December): Ghana vs Uruguay, South Korea vs Portugal

A fantastic win over Uruguay last night has seen Portugal qualify for the Round of 16. For South Korea, a win against Portugal is a must. But along with the win, they would have to hope Ghana loses to Uruguay and Uruguay have a goal difference lesser than that of South Korea. 

Meanwhile. Uruguay have to definitely win against Ghana and also pray that Portugal don’t lose to South Korea. But if Portugal lose to South Korea, it would boil down to the goal difference between Uruguay and South Korea for the last spot.  

Ghana have also made a great comeback to the second spot with a thriller over South Korea. Now a victory over Uruguay will ensure their spot in the Round of 16. But a draw will endanger their spot, as they’ll need Portugal to beat South Korea. But if South Korea beat Portugal, Ghana would hope for having a goal difference better than that of S. Korea. 

It’s been like a script of a thriller movie to write this article. We are sure that the coming week would be nothing less than a block-buster hit for football fans around the world. We have to follow every match and we assure you that this WC won’t disappoint at any stage.

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